Simple Employee Retention Strategies That Nobody Talks About

July 16, 2019 shaunpmartin

Employee Turnover has become an epidemic.

Every single year, Retention rates drop and Turnover seems to find a way to set a new record high.

Companies finally seem to be taking notice, too, and implementing so-called “Employee Retention measures” to reduce the costs and pain associated with high turnover. But are these tactics really effective?

One could easily argue that, by the time these companies admit they have a retention problem and finally take action to address the issue, much of the damage has already been done.

In this episode of the Rebase Podcast, we will go over a handful of strategies that, when implemented, are pretty much guaranteed to improve Employee Retention and reduce Turnover. These are NOT, however, the kind of half-measures most companies implement, which is why nobody is talking about them.

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