The REAL Causes of Hiring Pain, Part I

July 3, 2019
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July 3, 2019 shaunpmartin

The Rebase Podcast is BACK after far too long a hiatus, and we’re getting things going again in style with a 2-Part series on what really causes all the pain & frustration Employers feel around Recruiting the right people.

All too often, when I speak with Companies about Hiring, their natural assumption is that the culprits responsible for their struggles are external factors.

Here’s the reality, though:

Every company is playing the same game, with the same rules, and essentially the same goals. Sure, some companies have more money, or more resources, or better brand recognition, and still others have zero sense of urgency around when they hire someone. Conditions between two companies will always differ, but to blame “the market” or other external factors borders on victim mentality.

In this Part I episode, you’ll discover 5 of the 10 biggest things Employers do (or don’t do) to cause themselves “Hiring Pains” that have absolutely nothing to do with the outside world.

So let us know in the comments: Do any of these sound familiar? Have you seen these in companies you’ve interviewed with? Have you implemented solutions to one or more of these Causes before?

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