Where To Find Your Next Great Hire (Or Your Next Great Job) Part I

July 30, 2019 shaunpmartin

Whenever we identify a Hiring need in our organization, a bunch of questions naturally come to mind:

  • What’s our budget for this role
  • Will it be Full-Time or Part-Time?
  • Contract or FT Employee?
  • What are the responsibilities of the position?
  • What are skills we need in this job?
  • What type of person is ideal for the role?

Then there is the Question we almost never ask:

Where might we find the person we need?

Or, more appropriately, an even better version of that question:

What would be the quickest, smartest, or easiest way to find the person we need?

We don’t ask that question because we usually don’t have a good answer… and from what I can tell, it might just be the most important unasked question, because our answer(s) to this question impacts SO many things.

In This Part I Episode (Listen on iTunes), we’re going to go over all of the different places you can find great talent and determine which place or PLACES are best-suited to your unique situation.

Rebase Episode 24: Where To Find Your Next Great Hire (Or Your Next Great Job) Part I

This will be hugely valuable for Leaders, Managers, and both current & future Employers … but will also a ton of value for anyone even remotely considering new job in next few years.

So if you fill jobs or simply like having a job, the insights from this episode are gonna propel your progress forward big time.

This episode is supported by my free course “Hire Faster Stronger: THE Crash Course On High-Performance Hiring.”

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