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Meaningful Work Leads To a Fulfilled Life

Over 80% of the global workforce identifies as “disengaged”, “unfulfilled”, or worse in their work. And given that most of us spend over HALF our waking hours in work-related activities — whether that’s in a job, running a business, participating in the gig economy, etc. — it is unacceptable to spend that much time doing work we HATE.

My life’s mission is two-fold:

  1. Provide the tools for as many people as possible to discover a more meaningful livelihood.
  2. Grow & Develop as many great leaders as I can to help them achieve their full potential.


On the Employer side of things, I serve this mission partly by teaching Startup & Small Business Leaders the frameworks I’ve developed and use to make Hiring easy and effective. Press play to hear the story (short version) about how I overcame my early hiring challenges & mastered this critical & often misunderstood aspect of running any business.


For the Professional who aspires to do more meaningful work but isn’t sure where to begin, you’ll find a host of professional & personal development topics discussed via the Rebase podcast as well as a ton of video content. I also enjoy career coaching and mentoring, though those are areas I limit my time in professionally.

Podcast With Purpose

The Rebase podcast is the show that is all about helping you find a Profession With Purpose.

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In my first ever executive leadership role — as a Software Engineering Director at a local startup — I ran full-speed and face-first into a wall of problems around Hiring. After a year of making virtually no progress, I began a journey of deconstruction & deep learning to find out “what makes Hiring tick?” My book Hack Your Hiring is the answer to that question.